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Chinese Art

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Seal Carving

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Chinese Art

3 Perfections: Chinese Painting, Poetry and Calligraphy

A Look at Chinese Painting - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

An Introduction to Chinese Painting

Art of China Home Page - Art & Crafts

Art of Chinese Brush Painting, Promoting Asian Art Appreciation

Asian Art Gallery

Brush Painting Supplies from Nan Rae

Chan Art by David Reed Thomas

China 5,000 Years - Innovations in Chinese Painting

China Net Inc. Asian Style

China the Beautiful - Chinese Art and Literature

Chinese Artists, brief bios of many masters with examples of their work

Chinese Painting on

Chinese Painting - step by step

Chinese Paintings By Lim Kay Hiong

Classical Chinese Paintings

Contemporary Oriental Brush Painting by Artist Rosemary KimBal

Dorothy Chan, Chinese Brush Painting

Fine Oriental Art, Artist and Online Galleries 

Gallery of I-Hsiung Ju

Greeting Cards from Nan Rae

Kopaldart, Michael Kopald, Chinese Brush Painter

Virginia Lloyd-Davies' Art Gallery of Chinese Brush Painting

Hei Gallery, modern Chinese painting website

LingnanArt, The Art of James Tan

Lucy Wang 3-D Paintings, a contemporary take on the Chinese style

Mina Studios, Studio and Gallery of Mina Hsing

Nan Rae - Chinese Brush Painting, renowned artist and teacher

Oriental Brushstroke Painting Web Ring

Pamela Sumner, an American artist painting in the Asian tradition

Qi Baishi Paintings from the contemporary master

Sumi-e Society Midwest Chapter, Japanese, Chinese Brush painting & Calligraphy, Gallery

The Chinese Gallery, a variety of new artists display works for sale

The Scholarly Bamboo, Chinese Brush Painting by June Greene

Treasure of China, reproductions of traditional Chinese paintings




Chinese Calligraphy

Animated Chinese Characters, demonstrates the sequence of strokes

Appreciation of Chinese Calligraphy

Art of Chinese Calligraphy

Calligraphy Gift Shop

Chinese Calligraphy, techniques and rules

Chinese Calligraphy Examples

Chinese Calligraphy History, an overview by Shixiang Fan

Chinese Calligraphy Origins

Chinese Calligraphy Styles

Learning to Speak, Read and Write Chinese

Learn to Draw Chinese Characters

Tongram Gallery, several links on the subject of Chinese calligraphy, Chinese characters





Chinese Seal Carving

Chinese Seal Appreciation Page

Chinese Seal Carving

Chinese Seal Examples

Chinese Seals by Stone-Bug, amazingly detailed seals available online and at eBay

Chinese Seals in Business and Art

Dr Xu's Seal Inscriptions

Good Characters, Chinese Seal Translation and Carving

Ling Antique House, some truly beautiful seals

Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu, Stones of the Martial Arts system

Oriental Glamour, Seals offered for sale

Seal Carving by Jiurishan Ren

Seal Carving by Shixiang Fan

Seals in China today

Seals (Yinzhang)

Shoushan Stone Seal Carvings, seals to purchase

Zhong Tian Duo, Seal Carving Master



Other Sites of Special Interest

Stephanie Birdsall, artist

Joe Spencer, graphic artist extraordinaire

Tessa Maurer, photographer

Welcome to The Way to Happiness


'Ruo Jo' or 'like a chrysanthemum'

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