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Seal Imprints

From the beautifully expressive lines of the characters to the often elegant phrases, seals combine sculpture, calligraphy and poetry into one art form. They can add significant content to a brush painting as well as balance, color and form.

Initially seal imprints told of ownership but eventually two forms developed. One is the name seal which can represent the artist's true name or an artist's name often given by a master to a student. These are usually square and used near the signature. The second type of seal is known as a side or mood seal. These may convey a thought, political opinion or represent the philosophy of the artist. In other words, they set the mood. They also can be used to balance or enhance the painting.


flying, soaring spirit
misty waters extending into the distance
origin of ink
sincere and hard working
writing reflects one's personality
be enduring as the universe or as long as the world lasts (about friendship or emotion).
idea acquired all fulfillment
happy dot, clever idea
gifted brush
spring comes to the green mountain
windy around mansion
the wind and rain astonish or surprise
deep in fall
a kind heart can always hold differences
be adept with both the pen and the sword
bamboo painting
birds sing and flowers give forth their fragrance
cool and clear
the cottage in the mountain is so beautiful
find great beauty in common life
flying dove
to one's heart's content
in perfect order
ink play
jade wise
let the idea carry you
miracle of art, miracle of nature
melodies and works of ink are nurtured when rain comes, while brush and ink give soothing fragrance when breezes arrive
playing with ink
brush moves briskly
forever rich
Like a chrysanthemum. A name seal chosen by my friend Rocco, a wonderful Chinese calligraphy artist. It reflects one of the root words of my name, Marguerite, a type of daisy or mum.

All items are from the collection of the artist.

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